Honoring Truth and Inner Wisdom: A Workshop for Wisdom

This is a call to women of all life stages, experience and backgrounds. 
Do you desire to connect to your deeper guide? Catalyze your strength, potential and power?
Answer the call of the still quiet voice within...

This workshop for women is dedicated to igniting the fire that drives you. Together, we will explore what lights you up and what makes you feel alive in this life.

Expect an afternoon of writing, honing in on a clear vision of where your heart is guiding you, mindful group discussion, shared experience, an intuitive yoga practice, and meditation.

You are more powerful than you realize!

Cost: $40

Location: Soma Vida

Time: 2-4:30 PM

Date: Sunday, December 4


Come As You Are: A 6 Week Series Exploring Self Acceptance

Join Brooke Binstock and Marissa Knox for a 6 week series exploring self acceptance in the most critical areas of our lives.
We would love to have participants join for the entire 6 week series, but are certainly open to drop ins.

Cost: $140 for entire 6 week series, $25 drop ins.

Location: Soma Vida

Time:  Wednesdays 6-8 PM

Dates and Topics Include:
September 14: Work
September 21: Relationships/Sexuality
September 28: Food/Health
October 12: Body Image
October 19: Rituals/Spirituality
October 26: Creativity/Play



Come Home to Yourself; A Yoga and Meditation Workshop for Cultivating Self Compassion.

Sunday, June 12 from 2:00-4:30 PM at Soma Vida

When we focus on trying to be good enough we live in a space of self-criticism and fear. And when we think we should be _____(fill in the blank) to be worthy, we miss out on the joy of embracing who we already are. 

Join Brooke Binstock and Marissa Knox for an afternoon devoted to accepting the wholeness of our being with self-compassion. These heart-centered women care deeply about this purpose and want to share their own realizations on this journey.

Expect to arrive and be held in a highly nurturing space. Together we will dive deep into meaningful discussions, meditation, journaling, and enjoy a luxurious slow flow and yin practice.

We hope to gather enough interest to expand this workshop into a series and spread this important message to everyone!

Please join us. Cost is $40 a person.