Taking the Plunge

When I was in massage school in 2012, we had to write a business plan and create a presentation for our ideal setup upon graduation.  I was very adamant in my dream to work for myself, to create something that felt like mine.  I think I even had the name for my future business picked out.  It would be interesting to go back and look at the slides and determine how closely they resemble what I'm delving into today.

Shortly after I graduated, I became fixated on slowing things down.  I monitored my schedule pretty closely and created quite a bit of space in my day.  Until that point, it seems that I had hit the ground running with school, work, teaching, relationships, and just overall life stuff and so I took some time to reflect.

My roommate at the time was teaching yoga at Travaasa, a beautiful experiential resort in NW Austin and asked if I thought I would be interested in subbing yoga classes here and there. This was September 2012.  I began to teach there and became curious about the spa and the potential to work there.  I was interviewed and hired in November of that same year.  As chances would have it, I got very involved with the spa world and was paid well, bought a car, got my own apartment and started affording travel and some freedom.  It felt expansive but at the same time, it felt confining and not really mine.

Don't get me wrong, I am extremely gratitude for the opportunity to work at Travaasa.  It is beautiful.  I have met brilliant people there and learned the ins and outs of the back end of things and how they work...but, as a budding entrepeneur and slight rebel, I don't want to wear a uniform and I want to curate my clients' experience.  It is important and essential at this point for me to have the freedom to be able to do that.

I thought that maybe it was the job weighing me down...that if I just switched positions, I would feel better.  I went on several interviews for other positions and would leave feeling depleted, uninspired and sad.  I wasn't sure where to turn.  My therapist at the time, a brilliant woman, spoke only the truth to me and it changed my life.

She said, 'Brooke...here you are going on interviews for other jobs, feeling uninspired, wanting freedom...something that is yours...why not go into business for yourself?'  And of course, a million thoughts of doubt flooded my mind....'but I don't have enough training...shouldn't I do this first?  What about so and so...they are so much more experienced...I was never any good with math...what about creating a website??  Image/branding...?  I'm an introvert...'  Then...this still small voice within me was like 'Brooke, who are you not to start your own business?  It has been inside you all along begging to come out!'  If you go on one more interview, you will kill your spirit.

I contacted a life coach the very next day.  This incredible man named Roland Kemokai became my success partner and so far the slingshot effect has been in full swing.  I've had all these ideas brewing inside me for years and now, with a little bit of faith, a lot of passion and some focused effort...everything is pouring out of me like sunbeams. I haven't felt this creative and alive in such a long time.  I am so excited to share my vision with you.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts, and updates of events and happenings on my website in the coming months!