Body Wisdom

Hi readers!

It's been a while since I've written, but as I am working toward a revamp of my internet presence, I am also learning the value of interacting through writing.  I used to write every single week on here and it was a beautifully cathartic way to connect to what I was moving through and extend my wisdom to the world.

With the growth of my brand, I'm getting more clear about how I want to interact with have more of a strategy so to speak in order to both create structure in my own life and have a sense of where I'm headed on this experiential journey.

When I was coming up with the idea for Body Wisdom, I also decided that it would be really interesting/cool to take myself on a body based journey in 2018.  Each month,  I would dedicate myself to a different challenge related to the body, write about it and offer my experience to my clients and therefore, truly---practice what I preach.

It's easy as a busy human to talk a lot about self-care and the importance of it and it is quite another to put into practice the crucial skill of taking care of ourselves!  Burn out happens in any profession, I'm certain of this---and as an intuitive and highly sensitive person, I've seen myself in the midst of a few downswings and want to commit myself to more fully love and care for ME.

Stay tuned for more!