How is it Monday again?  How does time pass so quickly between then and now?  I almost hesitate to give my blog posts titles because I don't want to feel confined to stick with just one thing or theme as I write...and so, perhaps with a title like 'creativity' I'll have the spaciousness to discuss more vastly.

I'm in my office currently, eating this delicious chicken soup that one of my clients made me and I'm experiencing the sweetest gratitude over being taken care of---nourished...because, I'll admit, I sometimes have a difficult time remembering to feed myself especially since I started Open Circle Healing and I know it's not a great habit that I've gotten into...and my life coach would kick my butt if he knew, but it happens sometimes because I'm so busy and excited all the time and so I'm grateful for reminders to feed myself in all ways, not just with food.

Where to begin?  I intention for writing about creativity today is to both express how I would like to be creative in my life currently and also to speak to the importance of having an outlet to create and to play.  I'm still on my undetermined amount of time break from consuming alcohol and what I've been noticing as a result is a deeper well of energy---I suppose spritely would be the word for it...I sort of spring out of bed in the morning and I'm super ready to go, but sometimes that forward moving energy and excitement gets translated into an overly packed schedule with no room to be and breathe and meditate and do laundry...and so I'm becoming curious about other outlets for this momentum.

I found an old journal yesterday as I was attempted to further minimilize my apartment (it's already pretty minimal, but I'm entering a phase now where I don't want any extraneous items in my space and to instead, adorn my surroundings with beautiful things that inspire happiness and joy).  This particular journal has big blank canvas like pages just begging to be colored and collaged in and doodled in and written in.  I had last used it in 2009, while I was in yoga school and I noticed big, sweeping drawings of trees and skeletal creatures and Sanskit words all intertwined and it got me thinking.  I used to give myself so much more time and space to create and I'm actually pretty dang creative and artistic when I let myself be.

I know that I need to create.  The urge is bleeding out of me now more than ever---and how I see this manifesting is both in my work as I work to build a 6 month coaching program and also in taking time to collage on empty bottles and boxes like I used draw freely on blank spaces in a sketch book and to just lose inhibition and judgment over the work and realize that it is truly cathartic in nature.  This also shows up in my writing, when I write image rich poetry or prose and the goal that I have to cultivate a larger project in the form of a memoir.  Yes.  It's inside me---all of it, begging to come out now more than ever.

And so, creativity.  Yes.  that's how it is now with me.  I want to embrace this time in my life as one of pure creation and active, lovely, clear energy with a fiery undertone.

I encourage you reading this to consider what creativity looks and feels like to you and perhaps even to take it a step further and get involved in one activity that unleashes your creative spirit this week.  I'll be gathering supplies for my collage/writing/doodling project.  I have the entire day OFF on Wednesday and so, I intend for the day to be dedicated to art in some form.

Thank you for reading.  Until next week,