Universal Timeline

For this week's blog post, I have decided to write about the timeline of things from my perspective thus far on my business and personal journey.  When I decide to DO something, I dive way in.  I'm the same way with my body work.  One of the owners of Myo Massage in Austin told me that I'm a diver...meaning that I don't hesitate when handling muscles...I go right in.  They say that how you do one thing is how you do everything.  I'm a diver all around...with love, business, and friendships.  I don't really know how to just dip my toes into something...though when I'm at Barton Springs, that's how I get into the pool...one toe at a time.  That water is extraordinarily cold.

As a diver, I made a lot of things happen pretty quickly with this newborn business.  I secured office space, planned a workshop, marketed myself like the dickens and cut back at the spa job that I had decided to make my way out of.  I'm proud of myself for my efforts.  They have been clear and heart guided.  Everything has felt intuitively led and I am going with it.  

Now, in my second month...and with one extra day at my office, I was planning to work at Travaasa one full shift a week and then phase out slowly but the intention was to eventually leave.  Be careful what you wish for!  My manager called the other day and let me know that he would only really need me for half of a shift and asked if I would be ok with that.  The anxious, protective and cautious part of me felt fearful because that shift was my guaranteed source of income and the rest would be up to me!  The wise, fierce and trusting part of me was like...Brooke, it's ok!  You don't want to work there much right now.  You have your business to focus on.  I told him it would be fine...and so the transition out of the spa world is happening more quickly than I thought it would.

I talked with a few friends about the shift and they were, of course, super supportive of my direction and thought it was a beautiful message that my focus belongs with Open Circle Healing.  I momentarily considered, as the small childlike part of me still struggled with some fear, going to my manager and fighting him for my shift back but something held me back.  A still small voice reminds me that I will be ok!  I am making this work.  My friend, Stephanie, came up with this brilliant analogy...she said that going to my manager and asking for the shift was like wanting my sister's toy but then when it was in my possession, I really didn't want it.

This is a reminder that things do not always happen on our timeline.  I've heard the expression, 'make plans and God laughs at you' before and it's pretty true and accurate.  I like to feel on top of things...but truthfully all of this could not exist tomorrow or something completely out of my control could pop up and that's where humanity starts to get really interesting.  For a moment, we may get a glimpse at our true nature...the part of ourselves that is ego-less, divine even...but in the next moment, we may be caught up in our to do lists and worries.

What is important to realize is that there is SO much that is not in our dominion.  We can only make the next best decisions for OURSELVES.  And so it is...with so much gratitude that I am learning these lessons.  

I'm also learning to take feedback better!  A GIANT leap/feat for me as a loves-to-be-righter...but sometimes I am not right...and sometimes the viewpoints and opinions of others, when invited...can be beneficial.  Without other people mirroring ourselves back to us, what growth would there be?

As Roland, my life coach said...This is the moment when you begin riding the wave of your life at a whole new level.  Cheers to that!