Airport Post

I'm currently laying on the ground in the Phoenix airport with the perfect set up. My head rests on my backpack, my computer is plugged into a pillar right by the gate and I'm doing some simple yoga stretches before boarding my 6.5 hours flight to Lihue. 

I have found a curious amount of joy playing Pokemon Go. It reminds me of childhood and of exploring and being curious. It's a great idea. As a nearly 30 year old woman, I'm not sure the game is made for my demographic but I don't mind. I enjoy it! 

I just spent some time in California with my family and was able to clear away some of my own cobwebs and learned some new things about myself. For example: 

-I keep cool in a crisis. Our rental car broke down and we had to quickly think of a strategy to safety get my nephew back to the hotel. I'm proud of my ability to problem solve and offer calm help in situations like this one. Expect the unexpected

2- I value anonymity. I loved being in LA walking for hours in the expanse of the city, not knowing a single soul. I value my own company  

3-I think I want to commit to do a meditation teacher training starting in September. My mom is great at offering the important advice of doing the things that bring joy and happiness because life is short and I agree with her

4-I am a good aunt and I effortlessly love my nephew. I'm proud to say I changed my first diaper on an airplane. I'll make a good mom someday I reckon. 

5-walking is crucial for me. I love th feeling of my feet on the ground. My stamina for taking long hikes gets better and better everyday and for that I am grateful. 

I'm about to board my flight to Hawaii, but wanted to post my weekly Monday post before getting on the plane. More to com next week!