I am de-cluttering right now.  I am really considering what I want in terms of connections, work experiences, social media outlets, schedule etc. etc...and today, it's feeling pretty good.  

I am nearly one year into working for myself.  I have so far, said yes to most things---and I like this about myself.  My willingness...my exploratory nature, my sometimes childlike tendency to get so curious and excited about things.  AND in that---there is a parsing down that is necessary to sustain what IS.  It's like tending a garden or cleaning shop.

AND so, with a wild year of exploration and saying YES and being so stoked about building something---comes now a period of pulling out weeds.  Of thinking about how to schedule things for myself in a more sustainable manner.  Of the desire to take two days in a row off each week instead of just arbitrarily taking off when I hit a wall or on some Tuesdays.  

So, what I am guided toward now is a period of discernment.  I think about Social Media and how I have spent countless hours on there writing status updates (which I love to do) but then checking and refreshing the home page to account for likes and especially if I post a photo of myself---the adrenaline rush that accompanies a complimentary post, a like, a heart...etc.  and how much of it is actually healthy for me, for my business.

We are living in a world that begs us to be connected to technology and frankly, I'm not sure that in my heart of hearts, I really like it or even want to be a part of it.  I've been growing my business and at a successful rate, too! I feel proud of my efforts and the fear behind becoming irrelevant or invisible is sort of shrinking as I learn to trust more and so, I am feeling more bold about setting boundaries and honing in on what it is that I really want out of all of this....this life.

I deleted messanger on my phone because, it makes me too accessible to too many people and I also don't really desire to be marketed to.  Some forms of marketing feels sort of impersonal and icky to me---and while, I get it!  I'm an entrepreneur, also...I would rather find out word of mouth and decide for myself if the product or person is something or someone I could really use in my life.  It all comes down to discernment.  I am cleaning house virtually now.

My newsfeed on Facebook, I was noticing was becoming full of posts by folks who I didn't even have an in person connection with.  It's a lot of information to parse through---consider---and so, I have gone through and unfollowed a lot of people---leaving me with a more bare bones newsfeed...in order to keep in touch with people that impact me in a real way---not just a virtual way. I would do the same thing with the news---so why not curate my experience with social media more wisely? I'm very sensitive to words and images and so short of deleting my account, I'd rather practice moderation.

The phase I'm in of cleaning house and re-evaluating goals and space and time feels really good...and at times, hard...but when I give myself a chance to slow down enough to even recognize these things, that's where the gold is.

Until next week,