Power in Simplicity

Hi all!


Just wow.  I'm really living from this space of pure amazement these past several weeks.  The universe is conspiring with me and I'm getting to experience life in this different, more simple, stripped down way and I could not be more pleased by this reality.

Realizing that my energy was going to things that were draining my ability to be fully present, I made a conscious decision to distance myself from those outlets pretty significantly.  I got rid of Facebook Messenger and stopped involving myself in relationships that were not serving me any longer.  I started eating more intuitively for my body and I started walking everyday with different friends who I have a strong desire to know better.

I feel like I've sifted through a lot of loose material.  As if putting my life through a strainer only to see the bare and raw minerals that still remain.  Things feel simpler and I feel more sane as a result.  Yay to progress, not perfection.

In this simplicity I see who I am.  I am a yoga teacher.  I love to teach...to be in the seat of a space holder.  And teaching more is what I desire most.  And teaching more is what is actually happening.  Stay tuned for updates on that exciting front!

I like to read and create art.  I like to walk through my neighborhood.  I learned how to hula hoop for the first time...I enjoy the sentiments of Mr. Rogers.  I desire simplification....to not complicate my life unnecessarily because there used to be some excitement in this.  Now, I seek what is more pure, basic and serving of my highest self. 

Now, I step into myself more firmly and with a conviction to care for my body, my being, my essence with fervor.  

Keeping it simple for now.