How Life Moves Me

Hi all,

I didn't write last week, I'm realizing now because I traveled to Houston and the busy quality of my life and being so tapped into the present moment made it challenging for me to stop long enough to even open my computer.  I'm feeling grateful for the ocean like quality of my life and the way it moves me.

I'm feeling really excited in this moment to be traveling so soon (in a matter of days) to Cape Town, South Africa for a yoga retreat. where I will be participating and luxuriating in the beautiful offerings there.

Life has been moving me.  It's hard to capture this in words, though I'll try.  It's been pretty incredible being in such a constantly moving flow state these last few months---that time seems to go by so quickly and before I know it---it's Monday again and I'm signing a new lease on my office for another year!  Another year!  It's incredible.  Open Circle Healing is nearly one year old.  I think about throwing her a birthday party with rainbow cupcakes in the park with friends.  What a year it has been!

I've been in an ocean of new experiences and connections.  I've been doing a lot of great work to clean up shop in my internal world---gleaning new insights all the time.  Teaching in different adults with downs syndrome, doing partner yoga again at Dharma with new beginners...and learning so much all along.

I know I'm going to gain so much from my travels---and clear more space---get even more insight into what it is that will help me grow farther and further in year 2.  That all the beauty of year one will continue to flourish and blossom in another.  Very much looking forward to documenting my journey through writing, photo and verbal shares.

See you on the other side!