I'm a Libra.  Admittedly, balance is somewhat of an obsession for me.  And, it also happens to be one of my greatest challenges.  This month, I provided myself with every work opportunity possible.  I accepted every client request in an effort to grow and nurture my practice, I put myself on the schedule at Myo and Travaasa and I took on probably too much.  There is certainly an art in striking balance taking into consideration work, relationships, spirituality, nutrition and everything else that produce a well rounded human being.

I notice that in response to emotional challenges, it is common for me to go right into action mode because the intensity of the feelings might be too much to indulge all at once.  Work, for me, is a convenient space to enter because first of all, my job is very physical and often keeps me in a feeling busy space...a not dealing space.  This past month was that for me 100%.  I'm exceedingly grateful for my ability to pick up work opportunities and my abundance mindset around money matters is becoming one of greater trust and I'm learning to see that I have the ability to provide for myself in my own practice...but I think now comes the challenge of going about this life with a bit more consideration for time off/travel/pausing...building these elements into my schedule because if not, I risk burn out and also have less energy to nurture other aspects of my life including relationships, grocery shopping, laundry---you know, those simple self care tasks.

I'm hoping that in writing this post today, I'll begin to feel into what would be an ideal balance point for me and then in the coming weeks, strategize to create better/healthier boundaries with work that feel manageable and leave room for all the other things that feed my soul!  It feels useful to begin with the soul feeding things because that's where my excitement lies currently and the things that light me up, are in effect the things that will motivate me to do the other work.  

What lights me UP:

Ecstatic dance and dance in general, yoga classes, making time to create art work, writing, chatting with friends, going out to dance with friends, poetry readings, writing poetry, small day trips, longer travel, spending time in other cultures, interacting with strangers and finding out eccentricities and oddities about people, book stores, seeing live music, listening to music while walking, walking with friends, having a clean living space and laundry that is done and put away, good books to read, time with family, travel to Houston, weight lifting, Whole Foods and food in general, eating at new cool restaurants.

What happens when I over schedule myself in the work realm is that these light-me-up elements take a back seat.  My car becomes messier and my laundry pile stacks up higher and higher and before I know it, I'm feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and even depressed. I also get lost in the day to day and lose sight of the bigger picture.  Why all of this matters.  I forget to feed my soul that so achingly wants to be fed. 

Yes, I'm building my business and my practice and meeting with new clients all the time, but I am also building trust and a greater relationship to myself.  When I feel depleted, I can't be fully available to those I work with.  This becomes super important.  I spoke with my mom on the phone the other day about work/life balance.  I had a particularly challenging day with clients and then a meeting followed by two more clients.  It felt like a lot was stacked up.  I called her toward the end of this day while scarfing down a sandwich and told her I was feeling like I had said yes to too many work opportunities for the month and she said that yeah, I was starting a practice and laying ground work and that it wouldn't always feel like a hustle---that I need to also be aware of demonstrating to my clients and students that it's ok to take time off too.  That I am a role model in some ways.  That I can show people how important it is to take care of ourselves.  

I admire the great teachers in my life who take time off for themselves consciously throughout the year.  It is something that I also want to incorporate in my own life.  Tomorrow, I am heading to Sequin with a very dear friend and my intention is to unplug for a couple of create my 2017 goals in list form or vision board form and decide for myself a more workable schedule where I put important activities in consciously so that they don't go by the wayside. 

This year, I want to build a closer and more trusting relationship with myself.  That means, saying no when it's appropriate and forming/maintaining loving boundaries around my work and keeping in mind the things that light me up.  

I have travel ideas for the coming year including South Africa, Colorado, Burning Man, Santa Fe?  I want to give myself the gift of being in the world because that, more than anything else is what makes me a well rounded life loving human.  I want to write my book. I want to step into even bigger shoes.  I never want to stop growing.  I always want to maintain a high level of curiosity.  I am the curator of my own life and I choose how I want to live it.  

Cheers to life! Cheers to living!  I'm feeling excited and inspired.