Openness Part 1:

A couple days after I decided to start my business, I received an email from Steven, the owner of East Side Yoga.  He said something about an answering machine message for me left at the studio by a woman inquiring about Yin Yoga.  I figured it was probably a student wanting to know more information about the practice and so I called back expecting to answer some questions.

The woman calling happened to be an intuitive life coach named Martha Cordell who found me on the East Side Yoga website while looking for a yoga teacher to be a part of her January 2017 retreat in Dripping Springs.  Martha happens to live in Colorado.  She said she could sense, based on my photo and bio that I would be a great fit for it.  Listening to her, I could feel chills run up and down my spine.  What serrendepity!  What fate!  My answer was yes, before she even asked.  Yes, yes, yes!  And so a partnership began.  We've met through Skype and almost met up in San Antonio but a rainstorm kept us from an in person introduction.  We are now connected.

This brings me to this blog post receptivity is a major component of making waves as a heart centered entrepreneur.   I was open and willing to let someone like Martha into my life and then she appeared.  She offered to do a free intuitive reading for me so that I could get a sense of the type of work that she does and of course I was delighted by the very generous and incredibly useful gift.

We talked for an hour.  She told me that my biggest challenge and greatest obstacle is to allow myself to go into deep trust.  She said that I need to go into optimism and count my blessings. That gratitude is crucial and that I am very blessed and fortunate.  I agreed whole heartedly with her.   She said that I am meant to be a healer and that I will get myself into trouble if I overanalyze or overthink things too much...but at the same time, I can't let myself completely disappear into the stratosphere of extremism in any one direction.

And so I am receptive.  I am trusting.  I am not letting my brain do all of the deciding.  I am listening more to my heart and what it wants, because I am learning that I can trust it to deeply know...And I am so tremendously grateful to have the life that I have and all the people in it. Martha is someone I can see as a partner of sorts...someone I will likely maintain a relationship with on some level for a while...being a part of her retreats and learning her offerings as they truly resonate with me.

Part 2

I've mentioned my success partner, Roland Kemokai in my blog posts before...and it's no surprise because this man is helping to facilitate my growth in such a tremendous way.  I know that I'm the one who is doing the work here, but Roland is right there alongside me to remind me about what is important on this journey and it helps that he gives me gentle nudges here and there when it seems that I'm out of balance in some way.

This week, I sat across the table from him as I usually do when we meet and we checked in about progress in certain areas.  I told him about attracting clients, a workshop I am planning and what I have been up to socially because my personal life and nurturing it is just as important as my business life.  There has to be a balance.

He began asking me about my own relationship to touch and how I experience it.  I became a little uncomfortable by the question, not having considered how I feel as the receiver of touch in a while.  I do love touch and find it incredibly important in human interactions and in a healing sense...but I also recognize that I am much more comfortable in the role of the giver.  I have always been more comfortable in this role. 

To receive.  To be open. To be receptive.  To ask for help.  To rest my head on someone's shoulder.  To know that I am deserving of healthy and healing touch just like my clients, just like everyone.  

And Roland told me he has an assignment for me to complete.  He told me that I must put on my schedule a massage for myself...yes, to receive and also an energy session.  I've personally never received Reiki but deeply understand the importance of it, having known and interacted with many Reiki practioners in my life.

It was strangely uncomfortable for me to schedule these things for myself but I knew it had to be done.  That I cannot be a good healer or space holder, without first making it a priority to be a RECEIVER myself.

And so alas, two sessions scheduled...quickly, easily, without effort.  And now I'm going to allow myself to bask in the energy of another space be open, to nurture myself and as a result give so much more to my business, to my clients and to the people in my life who I care about.  

I am receptive, I am open, I am grateful, I am blessed, I am a work in progress, I am learning, I am full!  This journey is so beautiful and I love sharing it with you.