I am Me, who else would I be?

So, here I am.  3.5 months into business.

What I've noticed is this:

I am a whole lot more spacious than I was before, I have met way more people than I did when I was feeling less inspired.  I have traveled and felt more free.  I feel alive, open, vibrant. Trusting---of myself and of the world.  I have become a better and more loving companion to myself.

My ideas of what I want for my life are shifting.  I feel so in line with who I am in this moment...things feel so right.  The flow of life is carrying me forward and I'm letting it.  I don't feel like I'm banging my head against the wall anymore.

More opportunities have opened themselves up for me...a new yoga program at Soma Vida, the invitation to be a part of the Sukha Yoga Community, a meditation teacher training...and the clients keep rolling in.  I feel blessed everyday beyond my wildest imagination.  I enjoy my own company.

I am finding love in a variety of places.  I never feel lacking...or that love has to come in just one form.  I'm not feeling the need to push things that aren't naturally evolving.  I am me, who else would I be?

I have seen over and over again the evidence of things working for me.  I am going with the flow now.  I am at ease in this moment.  I am being true to me and it feels so good.